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Reach the Unreached, across all barriers and boundaries...and be that element of change.


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Perseverance against odds

Compassion across boundaries


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With the Right Direction, Great Things Can Happen


The Ark Foundation is a registered NGO (not-for-profit organization) that provides help to the needy children, college students, women and elderly in the rural villages of India. TAF also addresses various needs such as medical care, health education, women's development and others. 

This foundation is the culmination of such thought and passion that spans over 30 years of friendship coming together to be a part of something that changes lives. We would love  you to be a part of our journey, of reaching out to the helpless, homeless, destitute and the underprivileged.  The single driving force of The Ark Foundation is to be that beacon to the many who need the light and support they lack so much.

TAF Programs

We at TAF are always looking at opportunities to reach the unreached, we look forward to having you be a part of our initiatives. Enable us to extend your support and care to the ones who need it the most in our society. A little help a goes a long way in putting a smile on the face of the ones who receive this thoughtful support.


Meals Supported

A total of 20273 meals have been supports over the year, thanks to all the support we have received from our donors

Reach Programs

The Foundation through its 8 Reach programs that include food distribution, meal in a box, elder care, destitute women support are to name a few that have been at the forefront of the Foundation's work.


We undertake 5 outreach community programs ranging from medical camps, personal health and hygiene camps, toilet drives, women home units and many others to get communities to grow.


We have 17 volunteers who are constantly giving their time and energy to reaching the many unreached through the programs of the Foundation. It is to this support we owe a lot of our growth to.

Initiatives of The Ark Foundation

Come be a part of our endeavor to reach the unreached and be the change that brings a smile to the one we reach out to.

There are so many ways you can be a part of our ongoing work. Our programs looks to reach out to specifics groups of people and ensuring the support we receive from our many donors reaches them directly.

Community Centered

Elder Centered

Child Centered

Current Program

The Ark Foundation is always pushing forward to induct new programs to cater to the specific needs of the ones around us. Each program is built around the core need of the hour and we use every venue possible to ensure the right support is garnered and the same extended to reach the unreached.

We will be running two main programs this year apart from the many that are ongoing:

  • Support a Child

  • Girl Care

Statistics show that there are many girls who do not receive the required hygiene care during their teens which results in a numerous health related problems and girls dropping out of schools at a very early age. The foundation works with social workers and volunteers in villages and schools to ensure that personal hygiene products are distributed to girls both in schools and colleges through the donations of its donors and well-wishers. Each kit will comprise of a pack of feminine hygiene products and iron supplements.

What Our Donors Say

Mrs. Hilda Peacock

If the hungry are fed and the naked clothed, if the weak are uplifted and the resources shared, then we are all closer to God's Kingdom. May the Lord bless The Ark Foundation and continue to use them mightily to build an equitable world.

The Ark Foundation is doing very good work and is very transparent in their financial dealings. Keep up the good work and God bless.

Mrs. Marjorie B


“In my little interaction with the team of TAF, I have been able to see how much the foundation does to reach out to the homeless through their meal packages. Their tireless efforts have surely enable me to experience the true joy of give and reaching out through TAF”

Gayatri. D,
Kodaikanal, TN

To maximize our reach we make sure every activity is centered around communities to make the impact effective

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