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Women's Empowerment

The Ark Foundation is always looking at ways to reach out to the most affected individuals of society. In doing so The Ark Foundation looks at working with destitute women, women ostracised by the sections of society and those who are victims of domestic abuse.

We recently identified 13 women who have come from very difficult situations and have found a safe haven at the foundation. We have provided them the basic support to cater to their needs. This however is not sufficient to take care of their needs in the long run.

The women have come together with a common goal of supporting themselves financially, and this have been possible through the work of their own hands. The women now make and sell snacks and savories . The have put the products together from the safety of the foundation and have now started selling them to people both around and across the state borders. The income generated from the sale of these products are passed on to them directly.

The proceeds are used by them for themselves and their needs and save a corpus for anyone who are in need of this help. This story has truly been inspiring and one of great success. They though individually hurt and abused have collectively come together to turn their situation around in to one of strength. perseverance and drive to stand up against all odd.

So do share the link and help them achieve their goal. Click the botton below to access the online catalogue.

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