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The name SUMALATHA stems from SUMA & LATHA, meaning 'Flower Creeper' which attributes to responsible, protective, nurturing, balance, empathetic, friendly, excellent relation builder, excellent parent, generous, sincere , stable, balanced, loving and compassionate which we accord to the mission and vision of the care home.

The idea which is still in its inception stages is based on years of desire to support that group of people who have been cast away as dead weight or as one that are no longer of any use. The home which is slotted to take shape in a year will look at supporting many such elders, who will be given a place which they can call their home and live their lives with respect, dignity and honor. It will be a place they can call their own or care that comes unconditionally.

The home in its first year will cater to accommodation for 20 elders at Madurai, the focus will be primarily elderly women, looking to grow as we look to more such home to take in as many as we can every year to be that element of change in reaching the unreached. We look the little support we can get to make this a reality in the years to come to be the best assisted living that once can be in in such a phase of their lives.

The longer term impact of SUMALATHA care home will look at homes for the destitute, night shelters for the homeless, boys and girls homes and homes for those with special needs.

You can support the care home by contributing towards their food, clothing, medical needs and anything that can enable us to extend your support to them. 

If you know anyone who needs the support and care, do fill out this form to enable us to reach out. 

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